Portable temperature source Max MTP



The MAX MegaTherm Plus MTP is a portable temperature source that simulates temperatures from 20 up to 550° C. The MAX MegaTherm Plus MTP can be set at any temperature to check/monitor the function of hot box /hot wheel scanners ( or any other temperature scanners). During the monitoring process the temperature can be increased or decreased by 1°C steps. The MAX MegaTherm Plus MTP was developed by ITSS and is an important maintenance tool.

Front image of Maxim Mega Therm Plus temperature source

Technical Data

  • Power: 110V AC-230V AC
  • Temperature Range: from ambient temperature till 650° C
  • Temperature heater dimensions : 50mmx60mm
  • Wave lenghth: 4um
  • Temperature repeatability (from ambient temperature up to 200°C): +/-1° C
  • Temperature repeatability (within range 200-550° C): +/-5° C